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Set on the mountainside overlooking the city, and on the edge of the picturesque Valley Lakes precinct, the course winds it’s way around some of the regions most scenic locations, including a pass by Mount Gambier’s iconic Centenary Tower.

Taking in the sights of the Blue Lake, visiting Leg Of Mutton Lake, and passing through the bluegum trails below the tower, this course has you circling the craters of dormant volcanos and running into, and through, others.

It’s a scenic course offering either 10.5km, 21km, 56km or 5km of trails via your choice of one, two, or four loops.
The 56km ultra marathon course is an extended 14km loop that includes a trip around the Blue Lake itself, as a feature, that’s exclusive to the full distance event. 

Course Detail

Main Event Loop (10.5km)

56km Ultra Marathon Loop (14km)

5km Loop

  • Course distance detail: Due to the trail run nature of the Tower Trail Run course, entrants in the event could experience some variation in the distances recorded by their own devices across the event. 

Every course option leaves the start line heading in the direction of Bay Road and the Blue Lake and completes a full loop in an overall clockwise direction. The final stage, for all courses, is the downhill trail from Potters Point.
On event day, all directions will be clearly signposted with marshalls assisting in key locations.
…….we haven’t lost anyone yet.


Each 10.5km loop has approximately 420m of elevation gain.
5km – 160m
10km – 420m
21km –  840m
56km – 1972m

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Event Day Hub:

Corner Of Lake Terrace and Wehl Street
(The Old Laundry Building)
Mount Gambier