Event Info (2022)

Listed in alphabetical order:

* Aspects relating to hosting the event may be adjusted to comply with covid-19 requirements at the time of the event if necessary.
* In 2022, additional adjustments may become necessary due to fire damage safety requirements.

The Tower Trail Run Hub – Hay Drive, Mount Gambier

Age Requirements:

Minimum age to participate:
5km – Open
10km – 11yo
21km – 11yo
56km – 18yo

Junior entrants:
There is no age restriction for the 5km event however, please be mindful of your child’s capabilities. You must enter with your child if they will require supervision during the event.
For the 10km and 21km events, it is expected that entrants between the ages of 11-16 have suitable trail running experience that would demonstrate their ability to complete the distance and terrain of the Tower Trail Run course, prior to event day.
These age limits have been set, in part, due to risk assessment factors and associated insurance requirements which must be met in order to hold the event.

Aid Stations:

There will be one aid station on course, and another aid station inside the Start/Finish hub.

Aid station supplies:

Water will be available at each aid station for refilling bottles/bladders.

Water on tap, managed by volunteers, will be available.
NO cups will be available at aid stations, inline with the plastic cup/single use plastics ban in South Australia. As well as just being the right thing to do for our environment.
Lollies – eg. Snakes, Jelly Babies, Sour Worms

At the completion of your event, water, and soft drink will be available.

* No gels or electrolyte drinks supplied on course.

* Important:
We encourage all entrants to make use of their own reusable cups wherever possible.


We would hope that this service is not required. However, if it is, please be aware that the SA Ambulance service is not a free service and it is the individual entrant’s responsibility to ensure you have sufficient coverage in case of an emergency.

Bib Collection/Check In:

Collection will only be available from the Start/Finish hub on Sunday 19/6/2022  on race day.
No Bibs will be posted out.

Collection from 6:15am

Safety pins supplied. Bibs must be worn, and visible from the front, at all times to ensure your time is accurately recorded.

Briefing: Pre-Race

A compulsory pre-race briefing will be delivered 5mins prior to the start of each event.

Car Parking:

Parking spaces are limited at the Start/Finish area.
Please strongly consider carpooling with friends to reduce the need for spaces.
Road-side parking along Lake Terrace and Wehl Street is available.

Please be considerate of nearby residents when arriving.


There is no mandatory equipment for this event but it’s important to choose appropriate clothing for the weather on the day.

Items to consider:
Water carrying device
Long-sleeve top
Weatherproof jacket

Cut-Off Times:

56km race – 9hours after race start.
21km race – 4h 30m after race start.
10km race – 3h 25m after race start.
5km race – 2h after race start.

* A cut-off time will be enforced at 2:15pm for the commencement of the final ultra loop. A cut-off will also be enforced at the final aid station, ahead of the tower climb, at 3:40pm. 

Drop Bags:

A drop bag area will be roped off adjacent to the aid station inside the event hub for the use of entrants, particularly the 56km runners. This will be self-managed by runners and, while volunteers will be nearby with aid station duties, items are left at their owners risk.


  • Accurate elevation data pending approval of alternative course

Each 10.5km loop has approximately 420m of elevation gain.
5km – 160m
10km – 420m
21km –  840m
56km – 1972m


All event finishers inside cutoff times will receive a custom designed Tower Trail Run finisher’s medal with podium finishers, for each distance, being acknowledged for their efforts.


If you wish to withdraw prior to the event, please email info@towertrailrun.com.au with a request to be withdrawn.

In the event of withdrawal by an entrant, entry fees will be refunded as follows:

Before May 31st  2022 – Less a fee of $18
Before June 5th 2022 – Less a fee of $30

No refund will be given after June 5th 2022

Road Closures:

To increase safety, a road closure will be in place along Keegan Drive for the duration of the event.
The closure will cover the section of the course between the event hub (laundry building) and Riddoch Highway(Bay Road)

Road Crossings:

There are occasions when road crossing is required during the event.
Vehicles must always be given right of way and a marshall will be present to assist with these areas.
Be aware that you may be momentarily held up at any of these points for your safety and this non-negotiable.
Failure to follow directions of a marshal in this situation may result in your disqualification from the event.

Start Times (2022)
* start times may be adjusted to comply with covid-19 requirements at the time of the event if necessary

7:00am: 56km / 8:00am: 21km
9:15am:  5km / 9:30am:  10.5km


This event will be utilising sweepers (tailrunners) on course at the completion of the event.
This will be to ensure that no runner is left unaccounted for, or without assistance if required, during the running of the event.


Timing at this event is being managed electronically with the use of timing chips with additional manual backup tracking.
It is important that your race number is visible from the front at all times to give yourself the best chance that your time will be recorded accurately.

Transferring Between Events:

Transfers between distance options can be made using the edit link that can be found in your registration confirmation email.


Two public toilets only are available at the Start/Finish area. (They do play music though….so that’s pretty cool)
Additional port-a-loo toilets will be located near the start/finish area.

Additional public toilets are located at the Pumping Station kiosk if urgently required. Please note, for all events other than the 56km, this will require leaving the course during the event and involves a road crossing. This will not be a monitored by a course marshall and, as it constitutes leaving the course, it will be undertaken at the runners own risk and should only be considered in a dire-need situation.  Any runners that choose to use this option must rejoin the course where it was left before continuing on. No time allowances will be given for “nature” breaks. The race clock keeps on ticking.

* 56km runners will have on-course access to the kiosk toilets if required.

Trail Markings:

The course will be clearly marked using a combination of printed RED ARROWS and CROSSES on a white background. If you see an arrow, proceed in the stated direction. If you see a cross, you’ve taken a wrong turn and will need to back-track briefly to re-join the course.

There will also be a number of PINK ribbons placed along the course at various intervals to assist with directions.


1)    Electronic Transponder Timing will be used to record your race time
2)    You have been allocated a race number bib and it has an electronic timing tag on the back linked to you. Do not use someone else’s number bib as this will produce false results for everyone.
3)    Attach the bib at waist height to the outside front of whatever top you will be wearing. Do not bend or fold the tag or tamper with it.
4)    Your time and number will be recorded when you pass the timing point provided your race number bib is visible. Covering it with clothing or your hands as you operate a watch will prevent it recording.
5)    There are several starts for different races, make sure you start at the correct time.
6)    Race number bibs are disposable & do not need to be returned.
7)    If you cut the course short (for example by skipping a lap, or taking a shortcut), do not pass through the finish timing point as we may inadvertently think you have won the race. Please notify Timing Officials if this occurs.
8)    If you lose your race number bib during the race you must notify Timing Officials as soon as you cross the finish timing point.
9)    Please notify Timing Officials if you pull out of your race before finishing.

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