Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update

* 26/03/2020

As a community, the situation we are experiencing due to the global COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and rapidly evolving.
We have been constantly monitoring, and assessing how this may impact our event, our running communities, as well as our local community as a whole.

In making these rolling assessments, our highest priority, and consideration, has always been to make the right call to maintain the health and safety of everyone involved in arranging and managing the event. Runners, volunteers, sponsor teams, support crews, local businesses, and more. 

With the recent safety measures in relation to COVID-19 now including travel bans and closed borders, the closure of many businesses, and a stronger focus on social distancing, we have no option but to postpone Tower Trail Run from Sunday 21st June 2020 to June 2021.

With respect to event organisers that already have dates booked through the later months of this year, we feel a roll through to 2021 is the best way ahead, rather than to attempt to move into an already busy space in these challenging times for all.

Tower Trail Run is an event that originated in a small group run format to offer a local event-feel alternative to our local trail running community in Mount Gambier. Each year as our event has grown, we’ve also successfully given a greater focus to encouraging trail runners from further afield to visit, and experience, the amazing landscape and community vibe that our Mount Gambier region has to offer.
We’re greatly disappointed that we are now unable to deliver that experience this year but we hope to see you all back with us again in 2021.

From here, we will take care of transferring all currently registered entrants to the postponed 2021 event date. We ask that you please give strong consideration to this roll-over opportunity in support of the event returning next year. If you do find that you have no option other than to withdraw, please email us at so that we can organise an alternative option. Please keep in mind that,while we will address any requests for withdrawals, our ability to action these may, unfortunately, be delayed at this time and we apologise in advance if this is the case.

SAFive50 series entrants:
Series entrants will have the option to run the Tower Trail Run course as a Virtual Event, to then be included in the overall series results. A starting date for the Virtual TTR leg will be determined pending appropriate changes to social distancing requirements. Once underway, entrants will have until the end of 2020 to complete the TTR course.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time, for everyone involved.

We look forward to seeing your continued support for Tower Trail Run, the entire running events community, and each other, through this challenging time.

Stay safe and well
Phil and Nikki Ackland.